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Welcome to where digital media meets the physical web


We believe the real future of Digital Communication ecosystems will be the dominance of smart devices. Our infrastructure allows us to create a platform where we can interact at every level with all devices, tablets, smart-phones and seamlessly scale all components from the cloud.

StratosMedia is a complete solution for the development, distribution, and on-going management of advanced digital content for multiple devices

Business Intelligence

Big Data, Business Information, real-time bi-directional data, business analytics, data visualization

Digital Signage

Content delivery platform, content management suite, device management

Computer Vision

Audience tracking and counting, age and gender analytics, smart phone, RF analytics

IoT / Physical Web

IoT device management and communication

In our world a watch, car, phone, screen, computer and beacon are all natural communication points that are treated as one. The easiest way to understand StratosMedia is to think of us as an extraordinarily fast, scalable and secure hybrid cloud platform that encompasses multiple inter-linked solutions focused on how our customers communicate with people and devices in absolute real-time.

Our world is the physical web, the Internet of Things.

Powerful Capabilities Included

  • Security
  • Multi-user functionality
  • Remote player management
  • Scalability
  • Content creation
  • Scheduling and distribution of content
  • Media Management
  • Analytics
  • Playback
  • Bi-directional data stream processing
  • Reporting


StratosMedia transforms digital communication helping businesses innovate and transform the way they communicate with multiple devices anytime, anywhere and fast. It is an extremely effective medium for supporting communication, engaging your employees, customers and creating advocacy in your business and brand.

With a successful track record working with Fortune 500 companies globally in the audio visual sciences arena and vast combined experience in productizing innovative SaaS solutions our team comprises of innovative thinking professionals with a thorough understanding of the communication challenges for corporations and retailers.

StratosMedia is a proprietary cloud-based platform for IoT and the physical web designed to solve the issue of real-time data communication for retailers, businesses and government entities with a true multi-platform solution.


We build solutions so that our partners can add incredible value to their customers.

These companies are just a few of the approved StratosMedia VAR’s around the world.



Our technology is independently validated by our strategic partners.

We work closely with these partners in the sales and delivery of our products and services.


Some of the clients that we work with include


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In our world a watch, car, phone, screen, computer, beacon are natural communication points that are treated as one, find out how

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