Great customer in-store experiences influence loyalty and spend.
    Understanding how your customers navigate and engage with your content is critical.


    Where do you start?

    In modern retailing, the use of interactive touch kiosks has been proven to deliver significant upside in engaging customers with product information. In a COVID Safe world, Customers are looking for the most touchless path to acquiring products and information, and retailers are looking to create memorable retail with measurable results.

    StratosMedia delivers a suite of tools that make creation and management of your interactive kiosk content, and transfer of that same experience to a  customer’s personal device, as easy as possible. Customers can request information, interact with content, redeem rewards and more, and both the customer, and the business receive real time notifications either by SMS or email.

    Our advanced reporting capabilities deliver detailed gender and age analytics, engagement pathway analytics, and capture lead generation information from both kiosk and personal devices delivering you with measurable ROI for any use case.

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    The StratosMedia difference

    • Create and manage multi-screen interactive applications for immersive customer experiences from anywhere via the cloud

    • Use our simple, interactive visual content creation tools to build and deploy your in-store interactive displays

    • Gain rich data insights into audience engagement. Track navigation, session times, and the path of engagement using advanced user analytics, including  gender and age analytics

    • Enable frictionless handoff to mobile via our built-in QR code generator for interactive or static content

    • Integrate SMS, MMS and email send capability to connect directly with your customers in real time, and track and manage lead generation to measure online to offline conversions

    • Build self-service and check-in solutions including keyboard login, QR and barcode scanning and printer options for loyalty redemption**

    • Integrate remote assistance applications for real-time two-way interactions**

    • Build personalized kiosk experiences for out of hours staff training

    • Custom API integration available to work with the data from your existing services

    ** Third party hardware or services may be required.
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