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    The StratosMedia Core provides rich functionality
    to support your
    unique use case

    The StratosMedia Core provides rich functionality
    to support your
    unique use case

A user experience that is second to none. The StratosMedia multilingual UI is intuitive, efficient and easy to use.
Capable of ingesting a comprehensive array of file formats, streams and infinite data sources
which can be deployed concurrently up to 8k UHD standards.
Scalable, reliable and robust. From one device to tens of thousands of devices.



Analytics and Vizualization

Analytics and Visualization

Get the picture that matters most to you

StratosMedia communicates and interacts with people, devices, and equipment securely and in absolute real-time making smart cities visual.
Advanced machine learning capabilities, combined with a detailed visualization tool-set, turn the subjective into objective for any data set.

Machine Learning

Learn, classify, and extract the full value of your data

In less than 2 seconds you can trigger actions or events. Create memorable, real-time, interactive and adaptive experiences.
Build actionable triggers and graph visualizations into your IoT stack.

Turn your data into dynamic content.

StratosMedia continuously processes data, dynamically learning and adapting variations to enable clever solutions for your use case.


See things your way

StratosMedia’s detailed reporting tool-set, allows real-time analytics and custom reporting/visualization on all data sources, devices and user activity. Reports/visualization can be generated in real-time or historically, utilizing any combination of graphic, so you can see things your way.



Campaign Management


Attract higher value Ad spends

Monetize unsold spaces quickly and easily to increase revenue.
Take the complexity out of managing campaigns. Trigger contextually relevant content to your audience in under 2 seconds.
Create the right message for the right audience.
Manage your campaign delivery, split test and generate custom reports based on your clients criteria from the one platform.

View our case studies:

Virgin Australia – ADVERTISING MODEL



Computer Vision

Computer Vision

See the complete picture

Audience tracking and counting and anonymous gender & age analytics. Acquire, process, analyze and understand digital images from cameras and sensors. StratosMedia’s computer vision technology can capture and intelligently analyze any face or object.



Digital signage

Digital Signage

Create great content your way without the need for a PHD

Our unrestricted canvas format allows you to drag and drop your assets, content creation components, including data sources and RSS feeds, widgets and animations easily and create your custom resolution for optimized playback.
Save and view in our scene editor and then schedule and manage playback across your network quickly and easily no matter the size.
From fixed screens to smart devices in one console.

View our case studies:


Video Walls

Create interactive video walls in less than 10 minutes

Build a more immersive experience to capture and entertain your customers by adding an interactive kiosk to control video wall content.
Create custom video wall resolutions for playback from single or multiple synced devices with unrestricted palettes.

View our case studies:

University of South Carolina – CAMPUSES


Kiosk applications made easy

Increase customer satisfaction with a greater range of self-service options including surveys, wayfinding, and offer redemption.
Monitor user engagement via reporting, and trigger desired content by utilizing our inbuilt anonymous gender and age analytics tool.
Measure and report on user navigation, and online to offline conversions, to drive continual improvement across your business.

View our case studies:




Data Integration

Data Integration

Own and control the data you need the way you want

StratosMedia is an intelligent ‘open’ platform that provides a greater ability to use IoT responsively.
Connect many different applications and systems into one network for truly interoperable technology.

Control your security

Data security is assured with controls for data sovereignty, isolation, confidentiality and encryption
using industry standard information exchange standards and protocols.
Configure and enforce restrictions on all data groups to ensure they never leave defined security zones.



Online to offline

Offline to Online

Blend offline and online

Track real-time conversions, from online to instore, or instore to online.
Mixed with your website analytics, or our progressive web app analytics, StratosMedia provides the ability to see how and where your customers convert, enabling you to get a deeper understanding of their decision-making process.

Keep the experience going after they have left

Dynamic QR Codes or NFC tags can be applied to existing static displays or generated dynamically on screen
for even more targeted analytics to create a frictionless experience.
By using the StratosMedia progressive web app stack, you can measure offline to online, and engage with your audience via push messaging directly to the user, closing the online-offline-online loop.
Integrate existing loyalty programs to trigger real-time redemption and promote loyalty uptake.
Provide timely and contextually relevant offers that grow your loyalty base.



Professional Services

Professional Services

Our professional reseller network help reduce risk for your projects.

We partner with the best in the industry to provide integrated solutions including:
Decommissioning | Scope and design services | Content creation | Content management | Project management
Together with our valued resellers StratosMedia looks for ways to say yes to your unique requirements.
We are agile and open in our platform approach, and can customize features to deliver on unique use cases.



Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications

Create a direct communication channel with your audience.

Take advantage of our smart inbuilt tool-set to create your own app experiences in half the time, for half the cost.
Your progressive web app can deliver a fully dynamic app experience.
Get all the upsides of a native app without the downsides. Update content instantly and provide a frictionless experience for users.

Wi-Fi experience

Turn your guest Wi-Fi sign-on page into a rich content experience.

Design your landing pages without limitations and accommodate instant promotions, events, sponsorships and more. Schedule content changeover or dynamically generate the content. Link to loyalty programmes for instant instore offers when customers connect to your Wi-Fi.



Real Time Location Services

Real Time Location Services

Communicate with people and devices in absolute real-time.

StratosMedia’s real-time location service (RTLS) silently listens for Wi-Fi signals generated by any device
and is able to locate these devices with an accuracy of 1-3 meters, without the need for an installed app.
Ideal for: Emergency management | Traffic flow | Measuring engagement | Contact tracing | Security | Asset tracking

RF analytics

Understand pedestrian movement, regardless of network connectivity, with our real-time smartphone analyzer for RF analytics.
Measure and analyze network performance in real-time.

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