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    Captivate your audience.


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    Captivate your audience.


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The All-in-One Platform for Dynamic Digital Signage

StratosMedia empowers businesses to captivate audiences with stunning digital signage experiences.
Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to create, manage, and deliver content across your entire network, from a single location.

With StratosMedia you can:
Boost engagement: Grab attention with eye-catching visuals and interactive content
Simplify content management: Easily create and schedule content playlists
Centralize control: Manage your entire digital signage network from one user-friendly platform
Measure success: Track key metrics to understand what resonates with your audience


StratosMedia’s playback application runs on a wide array of hardware and operating systems.

It is supported on Windows, Android, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Philips Android, Sony Android TV, Brightsign and Google’s ChromeOS.
It is one of only a limited number of Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended partners for the Kiosk and Signage applications globally.

StratosMedia also delivers its proprietary Operating System – StratosOS which can be loaded on any x86-64 hardware to create a StratosMedia playback device. StratosOS is delivered as a fully managed operating system as a service which, along with enhanced security, also delivers remote management of playback hardware.

No matter your organisation’s preferred IT ecosystem, StratosMedia can help.

If you’re looking to take your digital signage to the next level,
StratosMedia is the perfect solution

  • The StratosMedia Platform resides on Google Compute, delivering unparalleled speed and security
  • StratosMedia is fully scalable, no matter the size or geographical spread of your display network
  • End-to-end content encryption over network, delivering a peace of mind
  • Reduce friction in your content management by integrating with the Workspace Services you know and use
  • Tools delivering the ability to ingest data for display from any 3rd party service with an available API or from local databases and CSV’s when sensitive data needs to stay on-premise
  • Built-in Anonymous Gender and Age Analysis (AGAA) and click through reporting for kiosks


Just some of our available features below


Analytics and Visualization

and visualization

Big data, business analytics, IoT,
real-time bi-directional data,
data visualization

Learn more

Computer Vision


Audience tracking and counting,
anonymous gender & age

Learn more

Data Integration


Own and control
the data you need
the way you want

Learn more

Digital signage

Digital signage

Centralized content delivery platform, content management suite,
device management

Learn more



Increase revenue by offering context-aware advertising. Quickly visualize your inventory to plan your sales.

Learn more

Online to offline

Offline to online

Gain insight into
your offline/online

Learn more

Professional Services


Our professional reseller network helps reduce risk for your projects

Learn more

Progressive Web Application

Web Applications

Keep the experience going with frictionless digital handoff

Learn more

Real Time Location Services

Real Time Location

Automate COVID safe distancing requirements, and monitor safe occupancy

Learn more

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    POWERFUL Engagement.

    StratosMedia is one of only a limited number of Chrome Enterprise Recommended partners for the Kiosk and Signage category globally - allowing us to seamlessly interact with other partner software to deliver on your messaging requirements.

    StratosMedia also supports Android, Windows OS, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Philips Android, Sony Android TV, Brightsign, and our proprietary Operating System - StratosOS - can be loaded on any x86-64 hardware.

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    Working Alongside Leading Brands.

    We work and collaborate with some of the world's largest tech, retail and corporate brands.

    Global Partners.

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    Some of our

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